A hot spring ryokan where you are surrounded by the warmth of wood

With the trees all around this hot spring ryokan, along with the timber building and the wooden furniture, you can really feel the warmth of wood here. One of the main draws is the mountain-style cuisine which is full of the bounty from the local surrounds such as wild mushrooms and plants, vegetables grown by locals, and river fish that have grown in the crystal clear waters nearby. The water coming into the ryokan flows from a spring in the Biosphere Reserve.

& Location

Syoubun is located a little outside the main part of Minakami and sits alongside the Okutone-Yukemuri Route. The location is encircled by mountains including Mount Tanigawa and surrounded by nature. The ryokan is constructed from wood, and with the wooden chairs, tables, and furniture all around, you can certainly feel the warmth of the wood. Guests can enjoy the changing of the seasons in the landscaped courtyard, and the bright, open grounds are replete with nature and trees.


Minakami is running a project to promote the deliciousness of its water called 'MINAKAMI Oasis'. The Tone River which flows through the region supplies water for a wide area, especially Tokyo. Minakami is located at the headwaters of the Tone River so you can try this great water here. It is also the water that is flowing in from the main water supply. So that guests can sample this water Syoubun provides it in every room. Guests are also reminded that it is possible to enjoy this water straight from the tap. Alongside a photo of the amazing nature found in Minakami is a note to let everyone know that the water comes from springs within the Biosphere Reserve and that it also has health-giving properties.

Local Community
& Culture

The food at Syoubun comes from the local mountains and from seasonal produce to form a style called Mountain Cuisine. The seasonal ingredients could include mushrooms found around Minakami, wild plants that the staff have foraged from the mountains, fruit and vegetables grown specially for the ryokan by local producers, or fish that are native to the pure waters of the rivers nearby. Meats come from famous Gunma brands. The water used is the delicious water of which Minakami is so proud, and the rice is also grown locally. The meals are packed full of the local terroir and fully representative of they many bounties of the area.
Over eighty percent of the staff are locals. The ryokan is also supporting the local economy with over fifty percent of suppliers being local, and the boutique selling crafts that are made in Minakami, or goods from other parts of the prefecture.

A hot spring ryokan where you are surrounded by the warmth of wood


TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an accommodation brand that provides modern travelers with a genuine experience based on the nature and culture of Yukiguni which has been passed down from previous generations, while considering the effects on the future local economy, society and environment. We strive to provide a wonderful stay through our accommodation, cuisine, and cultural experiences.

Sakura Quality

Sakura Quality is a system for rating accommodation providers that are Safe, Secure, and Sincere. Sakura Quality marks are awarded to accommodations based on their Safety, Security, and Sincerity as well as their consistency in maintaining these, so that travelers from all over the world can enjoy safe and comfortable stays.

A-Grade Gourmet

A-Grade Gourmet is a culinary rating system that recognises efforts to maintain the traditional food culture that is representative of a region, and to pass this culture on to future generations. Assessments are made on elements such as the ratio of local products and seasonings used, working relationships with local producers, as well as taste.


Address277 Tsunago, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma
Phone 0278-72-2466



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