Ryokan Tanigawa

A peaceful hot spring ryokan with views of Mount Tanigawa

Located at the foot of Mount Tanigawa, all guest rooms here have views of the famous mountain. With consideration for the environment, methods for waste reduction and water purification are actively pursued. In the lobby there is an open hearth that is traditional to the region, and along with the local dishes, there are many elements of Yukiguni hospitality to be found here.

& Location

Ryokan Tanigawa can be found in Minakami in Gunma prefecture which is also home to one of Japan's most famous peaks, the 1,977 meter tall Mount Tanigawa. The ryokan is a peaceful place to stay at the foot of the mountain with the borders of the Joshinetsu National Park. All the rooms here are designed so that they have a view of Mount Tanigawa.


In one corner of the lobby of Ryokan Tanigawa is the Tanigawa-dake Photo Gallery which displays photos and items related to the beauty of Mount Tanigawa.
One of the environmental initiatives is aimed at reducing the amount of waste from disposable chopsticks and so guests can choose from original chopsticks provided in different patterns. The ryokan has two private onsen but out of respect for the environment and to aid with waste water purification neither of them are stocked with shampoo. The main baths do have shampoo and anyone wishing to wash their hair is welcome to do so there. The hot spring water is also put to good use to melt the snow.
The aperitif served before dinner is a herbal liqueur which is made from botanicals grown by the locals. By prioritizing local products in ways such as this there are positive benefits and support for the local agricultural community and to the regional countryside itself.

Local Community
& Culture

Ryokan Tanigawa has strong links with the literary figure Osamu Dazai and there is a gallery dedicated to him, with displays of some of his possessions and first editions. There are chairs and refreshments in the reading room here so guests can relax while deepening their knowledge of the writer. There are also cocktails on the dinner menu named after some of his works.
The food at Ryokan Tanigawa takes full advantage of the many great ingredients that are produced in Gunma prefecture. A variety of local produce that represent the abundant nature of the region are used such as Joshu beef, vegetables, rice, mushrooms, and river fish.
In the lobby there is an irori hearth which is traditionally the center of the household in Yukiguni. At different times of day there are various activities conducted around the irori. A miso soup is served that is made from locally picked maitake mushrooms, miso, and water from the Tanigawa, or konnyaku which is a famous product of the prefecture is also offered for sampling.

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Sakura Quality

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TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an accommodation brand that provides modern travelers with a genuine experience based on the nature and culture of Yukiguni which has been passed down from previous generations, while considering the effects on the future local economy, society and environment. We strive to provide a wonderful stay through our accommodation, cuisine, and cultural experiences.


Address524-1 Tanigawa, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma


Ryokan Tanigawa

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