A long-running ryokan with over nine hundred years of history

Perched on a ridge overlooking the town of Yuzawa this establishment is also well-known as the hot spring ryokan where the laureate Yasunari Kawabata penned his novel 'Snow Country'. The room that he frequented has been preserved and staff conduct a guided tour. The ryokan uses natural energy, and is also undertaking measures for the reduction of energy consumption.

& Location

Takahan was built on a high ridge so conducts a wonderful view over the whole town of Yuzawa. Mountains stretch out around on all sides and the imposing nature of the Tanigawa Range is in full view. With over nine hundred years of history you can fully immerse yourself here in both nature and a long heritage.


Takahan takes an active role in efforts to preserve the local forests and environment. The special water for which Yukiguni is so well known is provided for guests in every room, and they are also advised that the same great water is available from the main water supply.
Out of consideration for the environment efforts are made to use energy from renewable resources such as heating some of the public areas with pellet stoves. Targets for the reduction in the amount of energy used are in place and these are assessed weekly. Another environmentally-friendly initiative is providing a toothbrush in the amenity set that is made from biomass materials from corn.
Takahan also has a daily program of experiences that allow guests to connect with the nature of the region.

Local Community
& Culture

Many important cultural figures have visited Takahan throughout its long history. Among them, Yasunari Kawabata who wrote the novel "Yukiguni" is one of the most well-known. "Yukiguni" is regarded as a masterpiece. both within Japan and overseas. The room where Kawabata stayed, 'Kasumi-no-ma' is still preserved as it was in his day, and it is possible to look around it while listening to explanations from the ryokan staff. There are items related to Kawabata and many other writers and artists on display, so guests can enjoying learning about the links with culture and history throughout the generations.
Local ingredients and regional dishes are actively incorporated into the menu. Rice is from Minami Uonuma and vegetables are obtained directly from partner producers. Over eighty percent of ingredients are purchased from within twenty five kilometers from the ryokan, and the ratio of local produce used is particularly high.
Over eighty percent of suppliers are local businesses. In the event of a disaster the ryokan is open to guests and local residents to ensure the safety of all, so in many ways Takahan has a deep connection with the local community.

Sakura Quality An ESG Practice

"Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" certification is an SDG certification mark for accommodation facilities targeting Sakura Quality certified facilities. This certification standards have been approved by the GSTC. The 17 goals of the SDGs were organized into 172 criteria, and experienced researchers conducted on-site surveys to support through efforts. The certification mark is provided to facilities that have been evaluated by the certification body as thoroughly addressing the SDGs in a Japanese way on a daily basis.

Sakura Quality

Sakura Quality is a system for rating accommodation providers that are Safe, Secure, and Sincere. Sakura Quality marks are awarded to accommodations based on their Safety, Security, and Sincerity as well as their consistency in maintaining these, so that travelers from all over the world can enjoy safe and comfortable stays.

A-Grade Gourmet

A-Grade Gourmet is a culinary rating system that recognises efforts to maintain the traditional food culture that is representative of a region, and to pass this culture on to future generations. Assessments are made on elements such as the ratio of local products and seasonings used, working relationships with local producers, as well as taste.


TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an accommodation brand that provides modern travelers with a genuine experience based on the nature and culture of Yukiguni which has been passed down from previous generations, while considering the effects on the future local economy, society and environment. We strive to provide a wonderful stay through our accommodation, cuisine, and cultural experiences.


Address923 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma-gun, Niigata



Takahan – The Historical Gem of Yuzawa

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