A ryokan that captures the charm of the region through its cuisine and sake

This ryokan is located in Matsunoyama Onsen and is surrounded by the rural idyll. Its big draw is the French cuisine that is packed full of local ingredients and then delightfully paired with different sakes. The amenities used here have been chosen with the environment in mind, and have been designed to be something you would like to keep using rather than being disposable. Energy usage has also been carefully considered and the onsen is used for heating too.

& Location

Tamakiya is a ryokan that is located in the very heart of Matsunoyama Onsen's main street. The view of the rural landscape from the guest rooms and the open air onsen is constantly changing with the seasons so depending when you are there you might seen the verdure of the forest, the reds of the fall leaves, or the white of the snow piling up. As well as the beautiful scenery, it is also delightful to enjoy the charming atmosphere of a quaint mountain hot spring town.


At Tamakiya over fifty percent of the amenities are environmentally friendly. The toothbrush and comb have been made from organic bamboo which is much more eco-friendly compared to the plastic versions. They are of such quality as well that they are not only designed for use during the stay but can be taken away and used at home too, serving as a nice reminder of the enjoyable trip to Matsunoyama Onsen. Both the comb and the toothbrush are embossed with Tamikaya which makes them a stylishly designed item to use in daily life.
Standards have been set for the reduction of energy consumption and monthly checks are conducted to assess the effectiveness of these measures. The onsen water in Matsunoyama is very hot and this is also being put to good use for heating.

Local Community
& Culture

One of the main attractions of Tamakiya is the cuisine. Dinner is a French-inspired menu that is full of local ingredients. The chef spent time working in top-level restaurants in Tokyo. Also the owner of Tamakiya is a sake professional so guests can enjoy a variety of wines and sakes, mainly from Niigata, that have been carefully selected to complement each dish. Breakfast is a Japanese-style affair that contains many traditional favorite dishes from the local region.
Matsunoyama Onsen is part of Tokamachi in Niigata, and this city is famous for its modern art exhibitions. There are many art installations scattered all around the area. Consistent with this theme, Tamakiya has guest rooms that have connections to the art world. One of the rooms has a vivid work with a rainbow motif on the wall which was created by JISHAQMEN, and another room is decorated with a work by Niigata paper artist Naoaki Sakamoto which has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere.
More than eighty percent of the staff at Tamakiya are locals, cleaning and other services are outsourced to local businesses with over fifty percent of work going to nearby companies.


TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an accommodation brand that provides modern travelers with a genuine experience based on the nature and culture of Yukiguni which has been passed down from previous generations, while considering the effects on the future local economy, society and environment. We strive to provide a wonderful stay through our accommodation, cuisine, and cultural experiences.

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Address13 Matsunoyama, Yumoto, Tokamachi-shi, Niigata