Minami uonuma


A manor house hotel infused with the influences of Yukiguni

This ryokan has been recently renovated with an eye to sustainability but there is no mistaking its roots as a sturdy, old farmhouse. A cooling system that uses well water has been installed, and the insulation has been increased to improve the energy efficiency of the heating and cooling. There are a wide range of culture and nature-themed activities so it is possible to choose your favorites depending on the season and your mood.

& Location

Located in the heart of Minami Uonuma which is known throughout Japan for the quality of its rice, this ryokan is the former residence of a wealthy farmer which has recently undergone a modern renovation. It is surrounded by views of the rice fields and stands at the foot of Mount Sakado. Even within the ryokan there are spaces where you feel in touch with nature, and if you venture outside of its grounds there are many activities provided that allow you to experience the beauty of the natural environment.


ryugon has installed a system that uses well water for summer cooling alongside other schemes to reduce its impact on the environment. The quality of the water coming into the establishment is also monitored, and the residual chlorine levels are measured weekly.
The ryokan has also undergone a sustainable renovation. The amount of insulation has been increased to reduce the energy required for heating and cooling. Also several connecting parts of the hotel have been opened up which has deepened the connection between the building and nature so that the guests can now hear the sound of the breeze and the songs of the insects which are part of life in Yukiguni. The majority of the material used were also sourced from around the Snow Country Region.
There is also a wide range of outdoor activities on offer which allow guests to experience the nature all around ryugon and its variety throughout the seasons. For example it is possible to enjoy lunch in the rice fields, foraging for mushrooms or mountain plants, or snowshoeing. The Activity Center also has bicycles or day camp equipment for hire.

Local Community
& Culture

ryugon is a ryokan that was once an old landowners residence, and here you can experience the culture and traditional way of life that was found in Yukiguni through the cuisine, the architecture, and the furniture. The reception part of the main building is a registered cultural heritage property and the facility has been constructed from sixteen old folk residences that date back hundreds of years to the end of the Edo period.
There are activities that allow you to learn about the history and culture of the region. There are cooking workshops where you can make traditional dishes alongside a local, as well as performances of old songs accompanied by shamisen. There is a self-guide application that can be used which will explain the art and architecture of ryugon as guests wander around the halls.
The menu is full of ingredients without which it would be impossible to survive in Yukiguni, as well as methods for preservation and fermentation that are the backbone of the food culture in the region. Ingredients are mostly sourced locally with over fifty percent of them coming from within twenty five kilometers of the ryokan itself. In the main dining room you can savor the traditional flavors while enjoying the views of Yukiguni from the picture windows.
Over eighty percent of the staff are from the local area, and during disasters the facility is open for the protection of guests and local residents alike.

The making story of manor hotel renovated for the first time in half a century

Sakura Quality An ESG Practice

"Sakura Quality An ESG Practice" certification is an SDG certification mark for accommodation facilities targeting Sakura Quality certified facilities. This certification standards have been approved by the GSTC. The 17 goals of the SDGs were organized into 172 criteria, and experienced researchers conducted on-site surveys to support through efforts. The certification mark is provided to facilities that have been evaluated by the certification body as thoroughly addressing the SDGs in a Japanese way on a daily basis.

Sakura Quality

Sakura Quality is a system for rating accommodation providers that are Safe, Secure, and Sincere. Sakura Quality marks are awarded to accommodations based on their Safety, Security, and Sincerity as well as their consistency in maintaining these, so that travelers from all over the world can enjoy safe and comfortable stays.

A-Grade Gourmet

A-Grade Gourmet is a culinary rating system that recognises efforts to maintain the traditional food culture that is representative of a region, and to pass this culture on to future generations. Assessments are made on elements such as the ratio of local products and seasonings used, working relationships with local producers, as well as taste.


TIMELESS YUKIGUNI is an accommodation brand that provides modern travelers with a genuine experience based on the nature and culture of Yukiguni which has been passed down from previous generations, while considering the effects on the future local economy, society and environment. We strive to provide a wonderful stay through our accommodation, cuisine, and cultural experiences.


Address1-6 Sakado, Minamiuonuma-shi, Niigata



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