Snow Country Tourism Zone Information Center

We are a Category 2 Information Centre accredited by JNTO. We are familiar with the local area, so we offer a one-stop service from suggestion to arrangement of the most suitable accommodation and tours to meet your needs. Our staff will also support you during your stay. We have always provided tailor-made journeys for high class travellers who demand high quality. Please do not hesitate to tell us about the journey you have in mind. We will be happy to work with you to create a trip that meets your requirements. We are sure you will be delighted with the itinerary we have devised.

Multilingual Support

  • English: Full-Time
  • Chinese: Not supported
  • Korean: Not supported

Other Services

  • Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Baggage Storage ¥500/per baggage
  • [Electric bicycles]
    550 yen Up to 2 hours
    1,100 yen Up to 4 hours
    1,650 yen Up to 8 hours
    2,400 yen Up to 24 hours
    [Super e-bikes]
    2,200 yen Up to 4 hours
    4,400 yen Up to 8 hours
    6,600 yen Up to 24 hours

*These services are available until 5:30 pm.

Facility Information

Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00 (everyday)

2431-1 Yuzawa Yuzawa Town, Minami Uonuma-gun, Niigata

Phone: 025-785-5353

Conatact & Reservation

  • 025-765-5353

    For telephone inquiries:

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