Model Plan

A Walking Tour to Experience Yukiguni

3 Days 2 Nights

Trekking is definitely one of the activities that you should try when you visit Yukiguni. Whether it is strolling around the towns to discover how people live in Yukiguni, or trekking out to the hamlets to see how the locals coexist with nature, you come across glimpses of the knowledge that allows people to live in a region of such heavy snow.。Trekking through the geo-park you’ll learn about the close connection between snow and the earth. A portion of the proceeds from the tour will go towards the upkeep of the Snow Country Trail.
Cost160,000 yen
The tour can be tailored to interests and budget so please enquire.
SeasonFrom June until the middle of September/October


  • A varied walking tour through towns, rice terraces, and a geo-park.
  • Learning about the connection between the countryside, environment, and life in Yukiguni.
  • Staying in eco-lodges and experiencing the essence of Yukiguni.
  • Part of the proceeds support trail maintenance.


The first day of walking is a nice, easy start with about 90 minutes of enjoyable strolling around the town. Depart from Muikamachi Station accompanied by a local guide and explore the shopping streets of Muikamachi.
The first stop is the Imanari Pickle shop which is rich in history having been in business for over 100 years. One of the workers will teach you about the preservation techniques used in the food culture of Yukiguni. At Kinjo Shuhan you can taste Japanese sakes from their carefully selected stock.
The accommodation at ryugon combines traditional architecture with modern design and this eco-lodge also offers a comfortable lounge and interesting common spaces which are the perfect places to relax after your walking.


Muikamachi Station 14:00 → Strolling around town (Imanari Pickle Shop~Downtown Muikamachi~Kinjo) → ryugon 15:30 (Stay)


After a relaxing morning, jump on the local line train to transfer to Tokamachi. A local guide will take you on a three hour hike through the stunning rice terraces.
Leave the station and follow an old trail to Hoshitoge Rice Terraces. Walking along the ridgeline you get to admire the beautiful rice terraces and the mountain views that change throughout the seasons, and from time to time small animals and insects make an appearance.
The trekking guide will help you to understand what it is like to live in the countryside of Yukiguni. Occasionally you may run into a resident of one of the hamlets tending the fields and stop for a chat.
By evening you will arrive at Tamakiya which is famous for its sakes, and where you can enjoy these paired with delicious French cuisine.


ryugon 11:00 → Lunch around Muikamachi Station → Muikamachi Station 12:44 → Hokuhoku Line → Hoku Hoku Oshima Station 13:14 Rice Terrace Trekking. Scenery and Hoshitoge Terrace 3 Hour Course Finish approx. 16:30 → Tamakiya (Stay) Japanese Sake×French Cuisine Pairing Plan


After breakfast, a taxi at 0830 will take you to Naeba Sanroku Geo-park, where you can experience this geopark that has developed in this unusual region of extremely heavy snow.
Here you will learn how the mechanism that gave rise to this unique snowy environment back in the Jomon era has shaped the culture of this area.
At the Najomon facility which focuses on the geopark you will learn all about the area from an expert and then head out on a trekking course. The first stop is an observation point which conducts stunning views over the river terraces. Next is a pond called Ryugakubo that is filled by spring water in such quantities it completely refreshes the water daily. Here you will learn about the spring water in the geopark as well as how it plays a part in the life of the local residents.
At “Ishiotoshi” you can see some impressive rock faces looming large right in front of you. Midama Fudoson gives you views of the irrepressible force of nature with trees growing out of huge rocks.


Tamakiya 8:30 → Taxi transfer → Najamon Agriculture and Jomon Experience Center 9:00 A lecture about the geosite tour with a 3D model 9:20 Naeba Sanroku Geopark Trekking Course (View of the river terraces from the observatory~Ryugakkubo~Ishiotoshi~Midama Fudoson) 12:15 → Najomon 12:45 Finish


IncludesActivity fees, Accommodation, Guide Fees, Donation to the rice terrace hamlets, Donation to Snow Country Trail, Liability Insurance  
*Transportation, Lunches, English guide fees are not included.
ParticipantsMinimum 2 people. Maximum 6 people
Meeting Time & PlaceMuikamachi Station
Accommodation/TransportationAccommodations are listed in the itinerary Transportation is negotiable
Other*Weather conditions may make certain activities unavailable on the day.
*Things to bring Trekking shoes, Trekking wear (longs sleeves and trousers), rain wear (tour will go ahead in light rain), towel, daypack, 500ml+ of fluids, insect repellent, hat, change of clothes.
*The course follows unpaved tracks and sloped trails so please bring hiking shoes to avoid slipping. Insurance documents (copies ok)
OperatorYukiguni Tourism


ReservationsYukiguni Tourism
Last Booking14 Days before departure
Booking Details①Dates ➁Time ③Participant names ④Number of Participants ⑤Contact details
Cancellation FeeAccording to each facility’s cancellation policy